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We are a small bureau
with a big heart!

Our specialties are Branding/Corporate Design, UI/UX Design and Web Development. You know, things like Sketch, InDesign, Photoshop, Wireframes, Click Dummies, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, GatsbyJS, Progressive Web Apps and so on …

We are based in Berlin and Frankfurt but are ready to take on challenging and exciting digital projects from wherever you may be on the planet. Being part of a broader network of web professionals, remote and mobile collaboration is already our way of life.

If you're looking for a small, dedicated team to help you deliver your next digital product:

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Mathias Mortag

Brand & Design Specialist

Typography and graphic design are Mathias' favorite toys and power tools at the same time. He studied communication design and has over 15 years of work experience in the areas of editorial design, corporate design and web design. After working for agencies in Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin he co-founded strandrover to make even more beautiful things.

Nils Borgböhmer

UX Design & Web Developer

Nils is passionate about both, design and development. Having studied both areas and after gathering years of hands-on experience in the startup world of Germany's tech capitol Berlin, he now has the skill set to plan and build digital products in short time frames; design and development moves a lot closer together than usual in the industry.



  • Alice and the Builders
  • Andersch
  • Bosch
  • CID
  • Engelbert Strauß
  • ERNW
  • Guiders
  • Innascor
  • IP Space
  • Information Security Hub
  • J.P. Schneider
  • Radlabor
  • SumUp


  • Billie
  • Compeon
  • CloudRain
  • GPS Now
  • Lendico
  • Zalora
  • Zeitgold


  • Glossybox
  • Indosole
  • Stoffbruch

How to become a Strandrover

After years of full time work in agencies and start-ups, we decided to take a break. A break from the daily digital life in Berlin. Our destination of choice to find peace and quiet, was Western Australia. Never again did we see or meet so few people :D

The first official act in the new land was to buy a good old 1998 Landrover Discovery which carried us around lordfully until … well. Until we discovered that it's allowed to actually drive on beaches in Australia. What we didn't know is that you should reduce air pressure in your tires before doing so, because otherwise you're gonna get stuck in the beautiful white sand.

So after and during all this we decided to now call the Landrover, the Strandrover. Because you know, it got stranded :)

We eventually came back from Australia with our brand new design bureau called Strandrover, activated our network of web professionals from our Berlin days and set out to work on projects we care about.