branding, design, code
  • Online Sizing

    Smartfit Online Sizing enables customers of bike e-commerce sites to select their fitting size. The Smartfit REST API calculates the recommendation based on gender, body height, arm and leg length.

    Incredible how fast you guys work. I love it!

    Björn Stapelfeld, CEO Smartfit GmbH
  • Andersch AG

    Andersch AG is the leading expert in the German restructuring market. We redesigned the logo, upgraded the corporate design and built an entirely new website including a fully featured career center from scratch.

    Nils and Mathias combine the best of both worlds - tech and design skills. We enjoy working with them a lot and are especially happy with the quick and direct iterations.

    Mirko Liebthal, Partner Andersch AG
  • J.P. Schneider

    J.P. Schneider is a Frankfurt based fine art gallery founded in 1824. We designed and implemented a brand new website with GatsbyJS for stellar performance.

    Thank you very very much for the great collaboration! The website is awesome and the CMS is super easy to use!

    Max Andreas, CEO Andreas Fine Art GmbH
  • Supreme Music

    SUPREME MUSIC is not a music agency. They are a unit of highly skilled composers, bonded by making awesome, thoughtful music for commercials. We designed and implemented their new company website, including custom built full screen video players and page transitions.

    Boys, the jury has spoken. They are happy!

    Florian Lakenmacher, CEO Supreme Music
  • CloudRain

    CloudRain is an IoT tech start-up, bringing smart home technology to the garden. A wifi connected watering valve irrigates your garden with the right amount of water, based on local weather data. We invented the whole brand, built the marketing website (including custom fitted Shopify integration) and designed the companion app for iOS and Android.

    After years of working with Nils and Mathias I can say that they are not only professional and efficient, but also a guarantee for the best design taste.

    Henry Bröker, CEO CloudRain GmbH

    TROOPERS is one of the best IT security conferences around the globe. We redesigned the entire conference stationery, marketing website and booking system.

    That was like birthday and christmas at the same time. Awesome, both of you … !

    Florian Horsch, Event Manager TROOPERS